Oleksandr Khotemskyi

Software Development Engineer in Test


About me

Test automation

Using JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, Java. I used mostly Selenium-based tools (Webdriver, ProtractorJS, WebdriverIO, Selenide). Also i have experience with different tools around - Jenkins, Docker, NodeJS, NPM, pip and many others.

Manual testing

A lot of experience with manual testing - web-applications, web-sites, APIs, mobile applications. Writing test cases, determining priority of bugs, using different test aproaches - pairwise testing, classes of equivalence, boundary testing and many other.


Teaching others how to do JS automation at Start-IT training center. Based on own developed teaching program.

Presentations and speeches

Participating in different conferences, meetups, and other community meetings. Some of my speeches were uploaded to YouTube

Geeky devices

Always trying to play with new and shiny toys first! Once i wasted whole day to host this website on my network router.


Fallout, Starcraft, Diablo, Total War series. PS4 gamer.

Watching stars

I love stars, planets, space, and astronomy.


3 years in medical college and work in hospital was not wasted for me. Still loving all those healing tricks